Our goal is to raise $2,5000,000 to build a 14,500 square foot facility that helps us facilitate the mission. Our hope is that this building in Santa Rita Ranch will serve as a sending point for people to go out into their families, neighborhoods, and workplaces ready to fight to rescue people from death to life.  


Our goal is to raise $100,000 to push forward our efforts to plant 10 churches over the next 10 years. These funds will help us send out 2 church plants with money for start-up costs and monthly support for 2 years.

Our goal is to raise $50,000 to shine light into the darkness by reaching unreached people groups with the gospel. These funds will help us to purchase the supplies needed for 2 indigenous missionaries and to fund their efforts for 2 years. 


How Much Should I Give?

That is completely up to you. However, we ask that you participate in the entire Ready to Rescue initiative to determine what God would have you give.

What Is A Pledge Card?

A personal pledge above and beyond your regular giving that is a private communication with The Grove and it helps us project what financial resources we be available as we prepare for the future. This permits The Grove to make wise decisions when it comes to building here and investing there.

Why Is There A "KickStart" Gift?

A “kickstart” offering is necessary for two reasons. First, lenders will require a down-payment on a construction load to build the facility. It also shows any lender that giving potential is adequate to pay our loan. Second, a project of this scale includes upfront costs that exceed our regular giving.

Can I Donate Something Other Than Cash?

You can give real estate, stocks, bonds, coins, gold, cars, boats, etc. This is a valuable way to leverage your giving directly to the ministry and take full advantage of the available tax benefits.

Is A Pledge A Legal Obligation?

No, your pledge is a not a legal obligation. The pledge card is used for budgeting and projection purposes as we plan our building and outreach efforts.

When Do I Begin To Give?

We all turn in our pledge cards on November 3 and give our kickstart gift on November 17. The 3 year giving period for Ready to Rescue begins on January 1, 2020. If you want to give earlier, that’s okay. Simply write “Ready to Rescue” in the memo of your check or online.


Step 1: Pray

Prayerfully ask God what your financial partnership should look like. Listen to God to shape your decision.

Step 2: Have Faith

Trust God to provide what He impresses you to give, even if the amount is greater than the resources you can readily identify. Remember, these gifts are over and above your regular giving.

Step 3: Give Sacrificially

Generosity is never about everyone "equally giving" it is about everyone equally sacrificing." What would sacrificial giving look like for you and your family?


After praying about what your part will be, use the Ready to Rescue Pledge Card to write down the amount you commit in faith to give for your KickStart Gift and during the 3 year giving period. Turn in the larger portion of the card and keep the smaller portion for yourself.

Got Questions?

We would love help you be a part of Ready to Rescue.