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GroveStudents meets every Sunday to dig into God's Word, apply it to our lives, pray & have fun with friends! 
Middle School students (6th-8th Grade) meet every Sunday from 9-10am at the Junior High (13125 TX-29, Liberty Hill, TX 78642)
High School students (9th-12th Grade)  meet every Sunday from 5-7pm at The Green in Santa Rita Ranch (491 Santa Rita Blvd, Liberty Hill, TX 78642).

Game Nights

MS meets the 1st Wednesday & HS meets the 3rd Wednesday of each month for an Outreach Event and/or Game Night!
Students can invite their friends, come together & have a purposeful good time! Follow us on Instagram (@grovetx.students) and request to be added to our email list to stay up to date on the details of these events!


We have a team of leaders that are ready to form relationships with students to encourage & inspire them in their daily walk with Jesus.
Our hope for these discipleship relationships is that they'll equip & empower students to join the fight of rescuing other students from death to life by learning to be disciples that make disciples! (There's a link below to sign up for discipleship.)


GroveStudents is a collective of Christ-following students & leaders fighting together to rescue students from death to life! We're all different, but all one family in Jesus Christ!
We exist as a place where students can come together to learn and experience how to live a life WITH & FOR God.
A life as a disciple-maker.
They learn to do this through Christ-centered teaching, examples, experiences, and relationships. We work hard to create a Christ-centered community where every student is welcomed in as family, are free to be themselves while embracing their differences, can experience the way of life that Jesus is calling them to, and are equipped & empowered to respond in a way that glorifies Him with their lives.

Got Questions?

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Ready to Serve?

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Make Disciples.

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