Coffee and Jesus

A young mother organizes a coffee team to visit friends and aged people in their homes

by Paul
Sal is a 24 year old mother with one daughter. Her aunt works with us at the church. Sal heard that her aunt had become a Christian. She decided to visit her aunt but was warned that she should avoid where her aunt was working. After arriving, she decided to go to the church and came straight to me and said,

“Tell me what is the Christianity?”

I took her through the Bible and showed how much we are in need of someone to save us from our sin, and restore our relationship with God. Taking a Bible with her, she began reading it the whole day. At the end of the day she asked me,

“What can I do to become Christian?!”

She asked me to help her understand the Bible and go back to her village and share the Gospel with her people. She said that she is going to be organizing a coffee team and to visit friends and aged people in their homes - telling them that they need Jesus! I have seen God’s calling upon Sal’s life. We need to develop such people who value the word of God and have zeal to share with others.
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